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Amendment to the tender specification of the Dossier 2014-00341

Regarding the content of the Tender Specification document the following amending note is included, remaining unalterable the rest of the Tender Specification and the Terms of Reference documents:

1)    Tender Specification:
Annex VI NDA, on page number 43, section u) states:

“u)  The Consortium members know and accept that the confidential information to which they have access in the course of this Dossier, may infringe industrial or intellectual property rights of others and hold Isdefe exempt from any liability.”

2)    Amendment:

"u)  No license to the Consortium Members under any trade secrets or patents is granted or implied by conveying Proprietary Information or other information to such Party, and none of the information transmitted or exchanged shall constitute any representation, warranty, assurance, guaranty or inducement with respect to the infringement of patents or other rights of others.”

Modified on April 4th, 2014.
Published at the Spanish Public Procurement Platform and the Official Journal of the European Union.
Documents available at ISDEFE website

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