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CLOSEYE Project at CPEXPO 2014




9-11 DEC 2014






CPExpo 2014 & SRC Security Research Conference 2014




The Ligurian Region organized last December CPExpo 2014, a unique event focused on research and innovation in the field of Secure Societies within the Italian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, that was held in Genova from 9 to 11 December 2014.

The initiative was realised in partnership with the Italian Ministries of Education, University and Research, of Defence and of Interior, the National Research Council of Italy-CNR, the University of Genoa, regional Technological Districts and other stakeholders, and entailed an exhibition and conferences in the sector of community protection.

Themes that CPExpo 2014 addressed were coherent with priorities identified at European level in the EU Horizon2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, and including Cybersecurity, Urban Security, Security of Infraestructures, Maritime Security and Protection and Safety of the Territory.

CLOSEYE takes part in the Thematic Session “Maritime Security”

Considering the role of Closeye Project in the field, the organization invited David Ríos (ISDEFE) to participate in the Thematic Session “Maritime Security”, which took place on Thursday 11 December 2014 from 11.30.


The session was arranged in the form of a Round Table with Italian and international experts. 

David Rios, as a representative of the CLOSEYE project, participated in one of the Thematic Sessions where expectations created around latest technological advances in the field of maritime border surveillance, possible changes in the short and medium term as well as the future role of such technologies in an integrated and efficient European system,  were addressed.

CPExpo Thematic session 5 (day 3 – 11 December 2014) Maritime Security

“New technologies and capabilities are necessary to enhance systems, equipment, tools, processes, and methods to improve maritime security. These include both control and surveillance issues. Some examples could be: new advanced radar systems for coastal surveillance and support for search and rescue operations, passive technology for coastal border surveillance, light optionally piloted vehicles for maritime surveillance, tools for detection of low flying aircraft. This theme is closely related to the programme for a European border surveillance system (EUROSUR), and the SMART BORDERS legislative initiative.”


During this session, the CLOSEYE results obtained after the first phases of work carried out in the early stages of the project, the way ahead and the expected outcomes were explained.

Other relevant representatives of current maritime surveillance arena were also participated in the debate, namely:

•Inge Ceuppens-(CHAIR )R&T Programme Manager, European Defence Agency)

•Rocco Mario Orsini (Vice President, Technical Marketing & EWSolutions, ELT Elettronica)

•Gianmaria Gambacorta (Director, Market Strategy & Defence Affairs, Naval Vessels Business Unit, Fincantieri SpA)

•Luigi Rebuffi (CEO, European Organisation for Security-EOS)

•Francesco Serafino (CNR – IREA)

•Robert Been (NATO Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation CMRE)

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