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CLOSEYE Project at EMD 2015


CLOSEYE at European Maritime Day 2015


28-29 MAY 2015  ATHENS


The European Maritime Day is celebrated annually in Europe on 20 May. This annual platform welcomes Europe's growing maritime community joining policy makers to discuss, debate and exchange best practices. The seas and oceans, and the opportunities they offer, are at the heart of the discussions. 

The European Maritime Day 2015 Piraeus Conference will take place over 4 days (28 to 31 May 2015).

The Conference (28 and 29 May) will focus on ports and coasts as engines for Blue Growth. Piraeus will also celebrate its maritime community on 30 and 31 May.

High level sessions and stakeholder workshops, as well as exhibitions, will be held in the Athens Concert Hall (Greece) on 28 and 29 May 2015. Public happenings and networking events will take place in Piraeus.

CLOSEYE holds an exhibition booth

The main purpose of the CLOSEYE booth will be to inform the institutions, industry and stakeholders attending the European Maritime Day about results obtained after the first phases of work carried out in the early stages of the project, the way ahead and the expected outcomes.

The CLOSEYE booth will be oriented to share and generate debate about expectations created around latest technological advances in the field of maritime



border surveillance, possible changes in the short and medium term as well as the future role of such technologies in an integrated and efficient European system. 

CLOSEYE link with the "Blue Growth" Strategy

According to the Blue Growth strategy, integrated maritime surveillance is an essential component to provide knowledge, legal certainty and security in the blue economy.

Seas and oceans are drivers for the European economy and have great potential for innovation and growth, and the Blue Growth strategy contemplates different sea basin strategies to ensure tailor-made measures and to foster cooperation between countries. The Mediterranean basin is a focus area in terms of security, and though it is bounded by over 20 countries, much of it lies outside national jurisdictions. Cooperation is therefore essential to manage maritime activities, protect the marine environment & maritime heritage, prevent & combat pollution, improve safety & security at sea, promote blue growth & job creation.

The CLOSEYE project focuses its activities in improving integrated maritime border surveillance capabilities in the Mediterranean basin by promoting cooperation between EU Member State authorities with responsabilities in maritime border surveillance, allowing them to trigger the


innovation process and bring new technologies and services closer to the market.

CLOSEYE relies on such cooperation to build on the pillars of a variety of EU strategic guidelines and contribute to a joint and harmonized approach for the establishment of an integrated EU maritime surveillance system.



As per all the above, it is worth noting that the value of CLOSEYE is not only technical. Other elements, collateral to technology, also represent a key pillar when addressing the overall efficiency of maritime surveillance activities. It is therefore a unique opportunity to count on experienced Users in charge of the surveillance of the EU external maritime borders so they can capitalize on their background experience and contribute with the lessons learnt in CLOSEYE to the benefit of all the EU maritime communities.

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