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CLOSEYE at the opening of Joint Operation INDALO 2015

Under the frame of the European Patrol Network - EPN, the joint operation INDALO 2015, which aims at monitoring maritime borders in the Spanish coast of the Alboran Sea, was launched last June the 1st  and will extend its activities until October 31st this year.

During the inauguration of this operation, the Spanish Guardia Civil, acting as host, organized an Open-Doors Day, where many activities were framed. The event was formally opened with a conference which took place at the port’s premises. During such conference, the General Director of Guardia Civil, Mr. Arsenio Fernández de Mesa, and the General of the Fiscal and Border command of the Guardia Civil, Mr. Juan Luis Pérez Martín, offered detailed information on the operation, its background and its objectives, and presented the human and technical resources that will participate in the surveillance missions.

The Open Doors Day counted with the participation of Guardia Civil and local authorities, as well as with representatives from law enforcement bodies of other Member States participating in the operation and from the FRONTEX agency, who co-finances the operational deployment.

Guardi Civil, being the CLOSEYE project coordinator, took this opportunity to report on the current status of the project and on the activities planned for the coming months. The project, which enters its operational phase, will coordinate its research, development and innovation activities within INDALO operation, under which new developed systems will be deployed.





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