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Visibility of the demand and the offer of innovation in the security market

The lack of visibility of the supply side and the demand side in the security market is often seen as a limitation for the development and implementation of innovative solutions.

Answering questions like what is to be developed, why, how and when, may improve this visibility, but these questions cannot be answered without bridging the gap between the public and the private stakeholders.

CLOSEYE comes to life with the aim of improving the cooperation mechanisms between industry and Users in order to define real needs in a joint and structured manner, to identify mature solutions, to define new validation schemes and to propose guidelines for the definition of reference performance levels and future flexible public procurement schemes, all in line with the concept of “Common Application of Surveillance Tools” established by EUROSUR.

For all the above, CLOSEYE will tackle innovation from different perspectives, including technical, operational, contractual and financial.

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