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Project opening session at Guardia Civil headquarters

The Director General of Guardia Civil, Arsenio Fernandez de Mesa Diaz del Río, chaired the opening session of the CLOSEYE kick off meeting last week.

This session was held at the Guardia Civil Headquarters in Madrid, and congregated numerous representatives of Civil and Military Authorities, and also of the security industry.
In particular, there was representation from Spanish authorities with responsibilities on maritime border surveillance, from the Ministries of Defense, Economy and Foreign Affairs. There were also representatives from the European Commission and FRONTEX, as well as delegates from Italy and Portugal, representatives from the security industry, and of course, the consortium Partners, namely Guardia civil, Guarda Nacional Republicana, Marina Militare, the Italian Space Agency, the EU Satellite Centre, CIRA and ISDEFE.

Guardia Civil leads the project CLOSEYE, which is the first European innovation project conducted and led from the beginning by End Users, in particular by a law enforcement agency. The project is funded by the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Development of the European Commission. It represents a shift in the research and development model, being the first pre-operational testing conducted and led by End Users, with the support of a new agent, the Common Validation Entity, role assumed by ISDEFE.  

During the meeting, representatives of the Consortium presented the project background, context, objectives and organization, as well as the main challenges faced by this new POV project modality.     

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