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 Pre-Operational Validation

CLOSEYE articulates this POV project through three phases including definition, implementation and evaluation. These phases will encompass the necessary activities and tasks to:

  • identify the problem and the alternatives;
  • demonstrate that there are existing innovative solutions which provide the required additional capabilities;
  • assess the performance levels of these solutions in both a technical and operational approach;
  • evaluate the experimentation results and promote their widening to future solutions.

Therefore, one of the main pillars of the project will be the security industry, which will be called to demonstrate the efficiency and effectiveness of specific solutions in order to fulfil real user demands. The assessment of the performance levels of the solutions proposed by the industry will be conducted through a series of exercises, both technical and operational, in at least two different scenarios.

By promoting this competitive testing and assessment of the potential solutions, CLOSEYE will pave the way towards the definition of future integrated surveillance solutions from a fact-checked perspective, fully validated from those who, eventually, will face the upcoming security threats and risks.

Read more at: Considerations on the implementation of the Pre-Operational Validation

You can find additional details on the CLOSEYE Call for Tenders following the links below

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