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Following what stated in the Tender, in order to tackle the activities associated to the preoperational validation, it was required the participation of at least three independent public authorities in charge of border surveillance (at local, regional, national or supra-national levels), each established in a different Member or Associated State. According to this, the consortium integrating these public authorities has been defined following a clear rationale which intends to maximize the fulfillment of the following criteria:

  • To be representative of a MS in the area of interest, namely, the Mediterranean basin and the Atlantic approaches.
  • To have under its mandate the surveillance of their respective national maritime borders
  • To be deeply involved in the development of EUROSUR and other initiatives that target security in a maritime environment.
  • To have the means, both human and technical, required to support the validation experiments.


Partner Name Country Website

Guardia Civil

Guardia Nacional Republicana


 Ingenieria de Sistemas para la Defensa de España


 Agencia Spaziale Italiana  Italy
 European Union Satellite Centre  European Union
 Marina Militare Italiana  Italy


The CLOSEYE Consortium will count also with the participation of the Centro Italiano Ricerche Aerospaziali (CIRA), who will take part as a third party linked to ASI and will make available its resources, assets and experienced professionals.

Centro Italiano Ricerche Aerospaziali


Beyond the contribution of the project partners, CLOSEYE will also ensure a direct and fluent communication channel with other bodies and initiatives. These communication channels will be articulated through the Project Coordinator or through the Technical Committee (Work Package Leaders)
The participation of Frontex is particularly relevant in this Project, as they play a major role in the management of external borders at EU level.
Frontex will be considered as an External Entity to the CLOSEYE Consortium and their contribution to the project will be articulated through the following terms:

  • FRONTEX, as external entity, will be linked to the Project Management Board;
  • FRONTEX will be entitled to participate in the Project meetings only with an advisory role;
  • The participation of FRONTEX in the CLOSEYE Project will establish a non binding link between the Project experiments and the FRONTEX coordinated Joint Operations that take place in the areas of interest, namely Alboran Sea and Central Mediterranean region;
  • The services acquired by the CLOSEYE Project shall be integrated in the deployment of FROTNEX coordinated Joint Operations in order to measure the performance levels of the solutions proposed by the Project in a realistic environment;
  • The services acquired by the CLOSEYE Project through the competitive tender in phase 2 may make use of the resources deployed for the implementation of FRONTEX coordinated Joint Operations;
  • Should this be possible, the Consortium Partners will be in a position to provide resources and make them available for the implementation of such Joint Operations, always within the limitation imposed by the budget assigned to the Project experiments.





 The CLOSEYE Project is co-funded by the European Commission through the Seventh Framework Programme

European Commission

FP7 European Commission Guardia Civil Española Guarda Nacional RepublicanaMarina Militare ItalianaIsdefeASISatCenCIRA