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Italian Space Agency

General description

The Italian Space Agency is the Italian research institution with the purpose to coordinate all of the Italian efforts and investments in the space sector.ASI is a major international player in space science, satellite technologies and development of Space Infrastructure for institutional satellite services and for scientific exploration of the Universe.

ASI has a key role at the European level where Italy is the third contributor country to the European Space Agency and to the development of European Union Space Infrastructure Projects, EGNOS, Galileo and GMES.

The development of Dual Use systems and applications is a national priority fulfilled through a strong partnership with Italian Ministry of Defence, as far as others relevant Ministers, and under the strategic coordination of the Italian Prime Minister Office; in this context Maritime Surveillance and Border Control is considered one of the most challenging areas to promote such Integrated Applications of Satellite Earth Observation, Communication and Navigation Systems.

Italian Earth Observation constellation COSMO-SkyMed is the only radar European space infrastructure operated at institutional level and available for mission critical institutional uses under the framework of a proper data policy.
At international level, ASI has a bilateral long standing collaboration with CNES and also with NASA.

Role in the Project

Today’s European Surveillance framework implies the information sharing at all levels (from EC agencies to national authorities in charge of border surveillance) as a key step to increase the overall situational awareness and the related preparedness against threats (either man made, or natural).

Italy can play a primary role among European Member States, given its strategic geographical position in the Mediterranean Sea, the Italian technological assets deployed in the some geographical scenario and the migrants flows currently experienced.

Operational experience gained by Italian authorities engaged on a daily basis in border control activities and in initiatives for improving data sharing among national agencies, undertaken in the framework of national (DIISM Dispositivo Interministerial e Integrato di Sorveglianza Marittima) and European (EUROSUR and BluemassMed) Projects, is a key factor to be exploited in the POV concepts.

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