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Guarda Nacional Republicana

General description

The Guarda Nacional Republicana (GNR) is a security force of a military nature, which is composed by military elements who are organized in a Special Body of Troops and endowed with administrative autonomy, whose mission is to ensure democratic legality, guarantee internal security and citizen’s rights, as well as collaborate in the national defence policy enforcement under the terms of the Constitution and of the Law.

The GNR Coastal Control Unit (UCC), which is entrusted with fulfilling the GNR mission along the coast and in the territorial sea, has as specific mission the terrestrial and maritime surveillance, patrolling and interception along the coast and in the territorial sea of the continent and autonomous regions. This mission also includes the monitoring of vessels and passengers in order to combat illegal immigration and others.

The interest of GNR in the Project is to enhance the operational and technical framework to detect difficult targets and improve the reaction capability of authorities surveying the external borders of the EU.

Role in the Project

GNR will foster the contact with maritime surveillance users in their domain: border surveillance, traffic surveillance, illegal trafficking,... GNR will also contact borders organization such as FRONTEX, and EU DGs such as DG-RELEX and other organisms that collaborate with such as MAOC-N.

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