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Guardia Civil

General description

The Spanish Guardia Civil ( is an armed institution with military nature which is part of the State’s Defence & Security Corps and take part of Security Bodies in Spain. As one of the national agents with responsibilities on security, the Spanish Constitution establishes as their prime mission to protect the free exercise of the rights and liberties of the Spanish people and guarantee security of the citizenship, all of it under the responsibility of the Spanish Government.
It is dependent from Ministry of Interior with regard to services, salaries, destinations and means, and from Ministry of Defence with regard to promotions and missions of military nature. Besides, Guardia Civil deals with necessities of the Treasury Ministry related to the financial prosecutions of the state, and watch over fulfilment of the rules and regulations
related with the different organizations of Central and Autonomous Communities Administrations.
Guardia Civil is in charge of the security of 80% of the national territory. As a Police Force it performs general tasks like Public Security and Order, Criminal Police, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism and also Administrative Police. Guardia Civil do also specifics tasks like Border & Customs Police, Road Traffic Police – interurban, Firearms and explosives control, Coastal security, Security of certain building and Environment and Nature protection Guardia Civil has developed various investigation initiatives like systems and data bases, which has been contributed to lute counter terrorism and organized crime. In order to response to these questions Guardia civil has assigned qualified personnel and departments called Jefatura de Información (Intelligence and counter Terrorism) and Jefatura de Policía Judicial (Criminal Investigation). This departments works with the support of Jefatura de Servicios Técnicos.

Role in the Project

Guardia Civil will assume the coordinating role in the Project. Furthermore, Guardia Civil will contribute with an extensive background in border surveillance and in the deployment of advanced surveillance systems, including demonstration activities involving UAS.
Guardia Civil will be a key partner in the definition and validation phase, but will also participate actively in the implementation phase, with a high involvement in the follow up of the implementation activities and exercises.
Guardia Civil will contribute to the Project with surveillance systems and assets in the operational scenario, that will contribute to assessing the performance of the demonstrated platforms and systems, not only as a standalone capability, but also as a solution fully integrated in the operational deployment.

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