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General description

ISDEFE is a stated owned of the Ministry of Defence, which is the sole shareholder of ISDEFE, and which corporate purpose consist of providing technical engineering support and consulting services for the Public Administration and in particular in Border Management and others.

As a consultancy and assistance state owned company with commercial character, the first objective of ISDEFE is to know and understand the necessities of users and clients (typically public institutions) and adapt them to develop solutions to fulfill technical, operational, logistics and organizational requirements.

The European Commission warrants that ISDEFE´s participation in the Topic is well justified and adds value to the Project in accordance with the “Description of Topic SEC-2012.3.1-2” (European Commission C (2011) 5068 of 19 July 2011) Work Programme–Cooperation Theme 10 Security).

In the field of Border Surveillance and Integrated Border Management ISDEFE has provided strategic consultancy services that have covered the necessities of clients like the Ministry of Interior, Guardia Civil and the National Police Department (as the Spanish Border Guard authorities) and also European stakeholders like, for example, the Romanian Border Police, the European Commission or Frontex.

On the Research and Development area, ISDEFE has been an active partner in many Projects during the last years. Specifically in the FP7 Security Theme (OPARUS, PERSEUS and others).

Role in the Project

Isdefe’s role in the Project will cover two main areas of activity:

  • Technical assistance: 
    • ISDEFE will support the Consortium throughout the three Project phases, from definition to validation:
    • ISDEFE’s contribution will facilitate the execution of Project activities following a systemic approach.
    • ISDEFE will provide assessment of the deployment/integration processes bringing the users to “the field” and giving them a clear understanding of technological process and issues in order to gather their feedback.
    • ISDEFE will support the evaluation of the solutions provided by industry in an Impartial and autonomous manner, away from commercial interests and fully performance-based taking into account User Requirements and Validation Criteria.
  • Common Validation Entity: ISDEFE will take the role of the Common Validation Entity, and coordinate the Tendering Process along with the Project Contracting Board.


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