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Italian Marina Militare

General description

The Italian Marina Militare (ITN) is one of the four services depending from the italian Defence Ministry, which is called upon to operate with necessarily adequate personnel and assets to guarantee the italian maritime security.
Alongside its military tasks, ITN kept performing also some customary tasks (which are underpinned by national laws and regulatuions) such as the fishing surveillance, the fight against illegal immigration and illegal trafficking and environmental protection which are performed non only in pursue of national interests but also, due to its pivotal position in the Mediterranean basin, those of the European Union, surveying its external borders.

To perform the assigned tasks, ITN avails itself also of a robust and experienced capability in maritime surveillance and monitoring. This capability is achieved throughout a complex of maritime presence and patrolling activities performed, in the areas of national interest, using air and naval assets and also a series if remote sensors including the coastal radar network.

At the Command-in-Chief of ITN Naval Squadron (CINCNAV), a newly-designed “ITN Operational Centre” accommodates the operational staff and enables them to acquire all collected maritime surveillance-related data including those acquired by ITN through its own equipment and sensors and those obtained within the alliances and initiatives Italy is a member of. The major novelty is the newly-designed SIIMS – System for Interagency Integrated Maritime Surveillance – whose operations room is located in the newly-built CINCNAV HQs. All pieces of maritime surveillance-related information, presently made available by all the diversified agencies operating at sea, will be merged in a single hub. On virtue of its know-how, ITN was charged with the technical coordination and implementation of the project.

Role in the Project

The vast experience gained throughout the years in the maritime security domain and in carrying out maritime surveillance activities has been constantly supported by a deep consideration of technological developments to improve future surveillance capabilities, which in turns has involved different branches of the organization in studies experimentations and trials. As an example, the present, ITN has underway the improvement of the Coastal Radar network, in order to include ISAR technology and operational and compatibility test of shipborne fixed and rotary wing UAS. The technical coordination and implementation activities carried out for the SIIMS project, as well as those for the BlueMassMed, has fostered the knowledge on interagency data exchange for the purpose of the Maritime Situational Awareness also to improve the reaction capability of the authorities surveying the external borders of the EU. ITN experience has fostered is also actively involved in the MARSUR project

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